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3D models

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English version

This site has been done for people who try to learn 3D Studio Max by themself. Here is many tutorials that explains the base of 3dstudio max and some advanced functions with simplicity.

Now, there is not a lot of tutorials but it will come... There will be also more backgrounds and 3D models.

My principal subject is 3D Studio Max. I'll add later sections on programming (Visual Basic, C++).

I've done this site to learn more about these subjects. I hope it will be useful to someone...

If you see orthograph or gramatical mistakes in this version, I would appreciate to know it...  English is not my usual language.

August 23: Tutoriaux bones et optimisation affichage
August 15: Premier modèle 3d gratuit, première texture
August 8: ajout d'un tutorial sur les Réseaux (Array)
August 5: ajout d'un tutorial sur le 3D avec un fond photo
August 5: ajout d'une section liens
August 3: ajout d'un tutorial sur les animations
Important dates
Eté 2001: Empire Earth:
Printemps 2002: Jedi Knight II
2002: Starwars Episode II